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The Ultimate Guide: Our Top 5 Questions to Include in Your Online Wedding RSVP

Including questions with your online reply (or RSVP cards) not only informs your final headcount that you and your vendors need to know, but it is also a great way to get key information from your guests that you didn’t know you needed! I promise, it will save you time from having to chase your guests for this information later on.

1. Ask if they are attending and if applicable, what the first & last names of their plus one(s) are.

Ultimately the most important role that an RSVP plays is that it provides you with your final headcount. It’s important for you and your seating chart plans, but it is also vital that your vendors know the final headcount as well. The typical deadline to provide your final headcount to your venue and caterers is 30 days prior to your date. With this in mind, the best time to set your RSVP deadline is 6 weeks out. That way you have enough time to follow up with any guests that you haven’t heard from in time to get your final numbers in for your vendors.

2. Meal Preferences & Dietary Restrictions

When sending your caterer the final headcount, you will also need to provide a breakdown of meal preferences. It’s important to ask your guests about:

  • Dietary Restrictions

  • Preferences

  • Allergies

  • Kid-Friendly Requirements

If you are having a plated dinner, it will be important to include the dietary information to your caterers with the restriction(s), guest name(s), and table number(s).

3. Guest Accessibility Considerations

Ask your guests to identify any accommodations they may require such as wheelchair access, early arrive time to get seated, etc. If any of your guests do have accommodation needs, try to be thoughtful about the layout of your ceremony and reception space. Make sure to let your wedding planner, venue coordinator, and vendors know of any concerns you have.

4. Ask for your guest’s mailing address

This may come in handy right away in the event that you want to send thank you cards via snail mail after your big celebration, or later on for Christmas cards!

5. Fun Questions!

The ideas are endless for this one, but what better way to end your guest’s online reply experience than asking a fun and interactive question? Let your creativity fly and ask any question you want! Here are some of our ideas: Best date night ideas, marriage advice, wedding planning tips, song requests, wedding hashtag ideas, best dirty joke… the list goes on!

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