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Introducing the Micro Manage Package - The Ultimate DIY Wedding Planning Bundle!

Introducing the Micro Manage Wedding Package - The Ultimate DIY Wedding Planning Bundle to Help You Plan Your Own Wedding!

There are a few reasons why couples do not book a wedding planner for their big celebration. The two most common that I hear about is budget constraints and the desire to plan their own wedding! Does this sound like you? I have created a micro planning package with YOU in mind. Our new 'Micro Manage Package' is a budget friendly alternative to hiring a full service wedding planner, and is perfect for couples who know what they want and would like to plan their own wedding, but still want access to professional resources and guidance.

With the Micro Manage Wedding Package, you'll get a master checklist, templates, and your own personalized aisle planner account to manage and track all your own wedding planning details! Couples will have access to our professional resources, including vendor recommendations, budgeting tools, and draft timelines. And if you need a little extra help, we have included a bundle of 3 virtual 1 on 1 wedding planning sessions that can be used at any point throughout the wedding planning process!

My goal with this package is to make wedding planning accessible for more couples, especially with the rising costs that everyone (including the wedding industry) is facing. Can you do it all yourself? Probably! Would it be super beneficial, time saving, and stress relieving to have help from a wedding planner? Totally!

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The Micro Manage Wedding Package is perfect for couples who want to be hands-on with their wedding planning but still want access to professional resources and guidance. It's the ultimate DIY wedding planning package that puts you in control of your big day. So why wait? Book your Micro Manage Wedding Package by July 14, 2023 to receive 10% off your package and start planning the wedding of your dreams!


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