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Meet Emily

I have long had a passion for being creative, celebrating people, and fostering relationships. Before entering the wedding industry in a professional capacity, I was a registered social worker while finding ways to fulfill my creative side by planning birthdays, gatherings, and weddings of those closest to me (including my own!).


My goal is to help couples thoughtfully design their wedding around their unique story and create elevated gatherings that are both beautiful and comfortable. I will be here along the journey as an organized planner with attention to detail, a creative resource, an advocate, a cheerleader, and a friend to laugh with. I can’t wait to connect with you and give you the best day ever as I help bring your vision to life.

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Comfortable & Beautiful Events
for Gathering
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Moved to Denmark, was inspired by Scandinavian way of living and design

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Moved to Kamloops and started work as a Social Worker

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Cancelled our 1st wedding due to COVID, but planned another more intimate wedding and it was perfect  re-igniting my passion for creating celebrations!

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Started working for Wild Sage Events as an Associate Planner, specializing in indoor & outdoor wedding planning for big and small gatherings

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Completed a mentorship program
with Renée at WSE and started my own Wedding Planning company (insert party music!)


I am married to my best friend

from Grade 2

A little bit more

about me


I love spending time with my family and am a serious board game competitor


We have twin sister cats

- Lily and Luna -

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I am a Harry Potter enthusiast

(if you couldn't tell by our

cats names)

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Are you ready to start planning? Let's chat!

Creating Memories. 

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